James Beck

James spends a lot of his time designing spacecraft which will burn up properly during re-entry into the Earth’s atmosphere so bits don’t survive and land on people’s heads. His friends tease him that it is not rocket science, and his wife claims that he doesn’t work for a living....

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Rev Cathie Aldis

Cathie joined us in June 2016 as curate to the Ashford Town but with a particular responsibility to Great Chart, Singleton and St Francis. She trained part time at SEITE, which is now St Augustines Theological College A primary school teacher, and latterly Headteacher, by trade. Cathie has many years experience...

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Martin Lees

Martin has lived in Great Chart since 2006. He was licensed as a Reader in September 2014 and now preaches and leads services at both Great Chart and Singleton. Martin helps to run the Grapevine community café and is a member of the Leadership Teams for both Singleton and Great Chart. Being a...

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Derek Goodwin

Derek has been part of our church here for many years and is a licensed Reader. He has served as Church Warden in the past and now sits on the Great Chart leadership team. Derek is married to Janet and is a Driving Instructor.

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Rev Canon Timothy Wilson

Tim came to Great Chart and Singleton in 2003, 

 before that he was Vicar of a new church in Margate and curate in Shropshire. Tim trained for the ordained ministry at Oak Hill College, North London.

 Previously he worked in the building industry, during this time he was actively involved...

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